The war between smoking and Vaping for health benefits


Smoking is a kind of addiction, and you must get rid of it as early as possible, as addiction leads to a number of troubles. But nobody wants to remain addicted, but they still cannot refrain from addiction as it is not an easy task to do. Though there are a number of campaigns, which are held, that promises you that you will get rid of addiction within a few months, but the course is very painful for those who are highly addicted. But if you are addicted only to cigarettes or smoking, you can go for an alternative, which is similar to smoking, but is not equally harmful.

The alternative

Yes, it is vaping. It is one of the best alternatives to smoking, as it is free from tobacco, which means your body will not be affected by the bad sides of tobacco once again. But apart from it, there are a number of reasons, why you should go for vaping, and you should definitely know the health benefits of vaping vs smoking. Once you come to know about the health benefits, you will hardly be addicted to tobacco again. The best part is that, you can keep on vaping for the rest of your life, without causing any harm to your body.

Cause of cancer

The first and the most important aspect is that, while you are smoking, you are actually inhaling tobacco, which has a number of bad effects on your body, and it is the leading cause of cancer. Though there are a number of other reasons, which might lead to cancer, but smoking can be considered as one of the top reasons behind it. In case of vaping, you are not consuming tobacco, but a kind of liquid vapor, which is similar to that of tobacco. Thus, you will not be affected by any bad effects of tobacco.

The price

Though the matter of price is not related to health, but it matters. When you consume tobacco, you have to go to your nearest tobacco shop, and purchase cigarette on a regular basis, which can take a toll on your pocket. In case of liquid vapor and vaping, you will have to purchase the liquid once in a month, if you consume tobacco on a regular basis. Thus, it is always economical to go for vaping, as it can give you the same kind of taste, without taking a lot of money from your pocket.

Passive smokers

When you are smoking, you’re not only creating health issues with yourself, but it is also creating more severe health issues with those who are standing or are present close to you. They are called passive smokers, who consume the smoke that comes out of your mouth or nose. As in case of passive smoking there is a lot of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, it causes more severe health issues as it has been already said. But in case of vaping, the passive smokers can’t understand the presence of any smoker in the vicinity, which makes it great. Thus, in the battle of health benefits of vaping vs smoking, vaping is a clear winner.

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